About Us

Your Natural Hair Journey can be stressful! At Eso Naturals we promote healthy hair growth, we are here to give you a stunning look that is free from harmful chemicals, heating, and combing.

We do not comb because combing breaks your hair. We gentle-detangle using our fingers to separate knots. We don’t use any form of heat because we believe it leads to weaker hair, which becomes more prone to damage. Without heat, your scalp retains more of its natural moisture and is healthier, leading to improved hair growth.

We take care of your scalp. Remember your scalp is an extension of your skin, so many of the same concerns you deal with on your face and other body parts, like dry skin, can easily happen on the scalp as well. We gently moisturise the scalp and hair before we style you.

We promote protective hairstyling, as it is meant to encourage healthy hair growth and to allow your scalp to breathe. If braiding is what you prefer, we encourage knotless braiding as it is pain-free.